Membership meeting and open house

Update:  New Speakers Added, Enhanced Tour, Tour Begins Earlier!

Go behind-the-scenes of NJ’s nightly newscast, NJ Today!

Meet the prime movers in NJ media, from hyper-local to statewide!

Expanded Meet & Greet!  The doors now open at 5:30 PM, Thursday,  March 7th – But you can come later and still catch the tour!

RSVP now to

Come tour the brand new Center for Cooperative Media

at Montclair State University, with the

  Society of Professional Journalists

“Tough Times? Tougher Journalists!”


New Jersey SPJ Membership Meeting & Open House Thursday, March 7th at Montclair State University
Food  Meet & Greet  Tour  Open to All
Meet the people who are creating new jobs and opportunities in both commercial and public ventures.  They’re coming together at the Center for Cooperative Media-an initiative of Montclair State University’s newly expanded School of Communication and Media-in an event sponsored by the NJ Society of Professional Journalists.  The event is free, it’s open to non-members and we’re even providing dinner-well, sandwiches, veggies and desert.  You’ll meet:
  • Merrill Brown, new director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State and founding editor-in-chief of 
  • Mike Schneider, Anchor and Managing Editor of NJ Today, the nightly newscast of NJTV. 
  • Bob Males, Executive Producer of NJ Today
  • Debbie Galant, Director of the NJ News Commons; founder of Baristanet, NJ’s first hyper-local news website; co-founder of Hack Jersey. Debbie is also a former columnist for The New York Times.
  • Thurston Briscoe, VP of Programming and Production / WBGO Jazz 88.3FM &
  • Nicholas Tzanis, Director of the School of Director of Broadcast & Digital Media Facilities, Montclair State University.  He supervises the new studios for NJ Public Radio, WBGO, NJTV and WMSC. 
  •  The people running the new resources that the NJ Society of Professional Journalists is offering in the Garden State.  This includes the Job Bank, Annual Contest, Regional Conference, as well as the new Documentary Group and the upcoming White Paper.    


Please Note Revised Event Schedule


5:30 PM
Gather and socialize at Schmitt Hall, Room 311, Montclair State University.  Sandwiches, snacks, veggies & soft drinks will be provided.
For directions, see map below.
6:15 PM
Short walk to the studio for the live broadcast of “NJ Today.”  We’ll catch the last ten minutes of the newscast, then meet the people who make it happen.
If you must arrive late please join us at 7:00 PM. 
You can still catch most of the tour.
7:30 PM
Gather again at Schmitt Hall, Room 311.  Grab another sandwich, then tour the new Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, including the new studios for NJ Public Radio, WBGO, NJTV and WMSC.


8:00 PM
Meeting of the NJ Society of Professional JournalistsThis is a new member open house, which means non-members can attend.  Bring a friend!  Learn about our new resources and events for documentary filmmakers and web journalists.  Explore our new website with its up-to-the-minute job bank.  Find out how you may qualify as a judge in our annual contest and get a DISCOUNT for the upcoming multi-state regional conference in April, with its important theme: “Tough Times?  Tougher Journalists!”


RSVPs are strongly encouraged, but not required.  Bring a friend!
Please check our website for updates at 

 Directions are on the campus map below.  If you need directions to
Montclair State University-or mass transit info-please go to


The food is free, but parking will cost a few dollars at the Red Hawk Deck.

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