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Hello NJ-SPJ Members!

You can view most of the NJ-SPJ website without logging-in. But if you want to renew your membership, or get member discounts for events, press cards or the contest, you must log-in. We realize that this is an extra step, but it will allow us to offer more benefits in the future. It also means that you do not have to re-enter all of your information if you register for an event.

Please be aware that your NJ-SPJ log-in is different from your national SPJ log-in. They are completely different computer systems.

We are using “off-the-shelf” software and it has some quirks. For example, it calls your home address your “shipping address,” even if there is nothing to ship to you. We welcome your feedback, which you can provide to our webmaster, Steve Lubetkin, at steve@statebroadcastnews.com.

Your Log-In is the email address we have on file for you.   Your default Password is your first name plus your national SPJ membership number.  (If you joined as an Associate Member of national SPJ, then your default password in your first name plus your zip code.)

If you see a welcome message below with your name, then the system already recognizes you and you are logged in.

If you do not know your SPJ membership number, just click here and you can reset your password.  Then the level of security will be up to you.

National SPJ also uses your email address as your username.  If you want to make your NJ-SPJ password the same as your national password, please go right ahead. Just be aware that they are two different systems.

If you are still having trouble, you can email our webmaster Steve Lubetkin at steve@statebroadcastnews.com.    Please include your phone number.  This is a new system, so please bear with us.