Membership Categories

First, you should know that you will actually be joining or renewing in two related organizations. The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) was founded in 1909 and is the nation’s most broad-based journalism organization. National SPJ is best-known for its Code of Ethics, which is continually updated to give journalists practical ways to cope with changing technology and a changing society.

The New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists (NJ-SPJ) is the “NJ Pro Chapter” of SPJ, but in many ways we function separately, with our own activities, budget and programs.  Created in 1959, NJ-SPJ was the prime mover in creating NJ’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and continues to be the first line of defense for journalists in the Garden State. In cooperation with others, NJ-SPJ is one of two statewide organizations that issues NJ Press Identification Cards.

If you are already a member seeking to renew your membership, log in here.

Full Membership in national SPJ / Full NJ-SPJ Membership

Join or renew now for $75 national membership plus NJ-SPJ chapter membership at $10.

Add NJ-SPJ Membership to Existing SPJ Membership

I am already a member of SPJ.  I simply wish to join NJ-SPJ for an additional $10 a year.

Student or Post-Grad - Full Membership SPJ and NJ-SPJ

National SPJ membership for $47.50 and NJ-SPJ membership for $10.

I am a student or post grad, within three years of my graduation.  I wish to join as a full member of both national SPJ and NJ-SPJ.

Student or Retiree (Over 62) Membership

National membership at $37.50 and NJ-SPJ membership $10. I am a student or retired, age 62 or older. I wish to join or renew as a full member of both national SPJ and NJ-SPJ.

Household Membership

I share living quarters with an existing SPJ full member. Therefore, I qualify for the “household rate,” to be a full member of both national SPJ and NJ-SPJ.

Associate Member SPJ / Full NJ-SPJ Member

I wish to join or renew as an ASSOCIATE Member of national SPJ and a FULL member of NJ-SPJ, for $30. I understand that I do not get all of the benefits of membership in national SPJ, but I get all discounts and benefits offered by NJ-SPJ.


If you are joining as a new member of NJ-SPJ, please select the category of membership from the options provided above and proceed to the checkout to complete your membership.

If you are a current member of NJ-SPJ seeking to renew your membership, please email our webmaster, Steve Lubetkin for your login information and for instructions on how to log into our new membership database where you will be able to renew your membership.