New Voices of New Jersey Legislation Needs Support

First Amendment, Photo by Brent Payne ( License)First Amendment, Photo by Brent Payne ( License)

New Voices is the law of 14 states. The New Jersey State Senate approved it twice but we need your help to get this legislation over the goal line.

We have been told by NJEA lobbyist Fran Pfeffer and our prime sponsor Assemblyman Caputo that we need to get everyone to contact Speaker Coughlin and request that he post bill A169 for a vote on June 21.

We urge you to do what you can to support student journalists. Whether they enter the profession or become informed consumers of the news, they are our future.

Read more about New Voices here.

For those who don’t know, the New Voices of NJ bills have already passed the Senate unanimously (S108) and A169 passed through the Assembly Education Committee unanimously. So this is our last big hurdle! We currently have 28 sponsors (19 of which are Democrats).

We are so close and you can help get us over the finish line. Here’s all you need to do:

Call Assemblyman Coughlin’s office (732) 855-7441. Identify yourself and where you live and say: “I am requesting that Speaker Coughlin post bill A169 for a vote on the Assembly floor on June 21.”

You can do this during office hours or leave a message after hours. After you are done, please email¬† Thomas McHale, Journalism Teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School with the message “DID IT!”

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