Ready, set, go! Our contest is open!

click_hereWe’re ready to rock it! Our annual Excellence in Journalism contest opens today! Once again, we are working with to manage our contest online.  To view our categories, click here. To enter the contest, click here. Here’s the scoop on eligibility: We accept stories written by a journalist who lives or works in New Jersey or who reports about New Jersey or the region. We also welcome stories from people who live and work in New York City and Philadelphia, as long as the story affects New Jersey or New Jerseyans, or is about a regional issues like transportation, the cleanliness of our beaches or the economic vitality of our region. We will accept stories on national and international issues if the authors live in New Jersey, or if the story has a strong NJ angle or if the publication, video channel or website is primarily situated in New Jersey. The contest closes March 1, 2016.

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