2023 Press ID Card Renewal with Full Membership in SPJ and NJ-SPJ


If you purchase this package, you will purchase a Full Membership in national SPJ and full membership in NJ-SPJ and get your 2023 NJ-SPJ Press ID Card.

You can also order the optional Vehicle ID Card (maximum of three per person), license plate frames, and the reflective lanyard.

If you would like more information on your vehicle options, click here. (Page will open in a new tab.)




This is the NJ-SPJ Press ID Card for 2023. To purchase a Press ID Card, you must be a member of NJ-SPJ.

If you purchase this product, you will be renewed as a Full Member of the National SPJ organization and a member of the NJ-SPJ.

You can only purchase vehicle visor cards in conjunction with a Press ID Card. You may purchase up to three visor cards.

  • To speed your card to you, we are automating much of the process. That means any typos in the fields below may be on your card, so please be careful.
  • You will automatically be enrolled in our upcoming “Directory of NJ Journalists.” By default, it will have all the information on your card, which includes your name, media affiliation, self-chosen description line and photo.  It will also have your primary email address.  You will have the opportunity to add more info if you wish.