NJ Press ID Card Application for New Applicants

Welcome to the application site for new applicants for Press ID Cards from the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists (NJ-SPJ). (Click here if you had a NJ Press ID Card in 2020.)

In 2021, no news organization will be issuing press credentials in direct cooperation with the state of New Jersey.  NJ-SPJ is, however, participating with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in a working group on press and law enforcement matters, much of which focuses on proper identification.   The OAG has praised NJ-SPJ’s efforts in this.  We have every reason expect that individuals displaying the NJ-SPJ Press Identification Card will receive the same usual and customary courtesies offered to the working press in past years.  Please understand that we are not state actors and whatever courtesies are extended, or not, are solely determined by those extending them.

Who We Are

We are the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists (NJ-SPJ), the local chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists, founded in 1909.

For legal and insurance reasons, you must be a member of NJ-SPJ to qualify for a card.

If you are familiar with SPJ, you know that dues are normally $75, plus $10 to join NJ-SPJ, which would be $85. We have some good news:  Our national organization will now allow you to become a FULL MEMBER of NJ-SPJ while becoming an ASSOCIATE of national SPJ.  That means new people can join NJ-SPJ for only $30.  You can then renew your press ID card for $35, which includes a one-inch wide, reflective “PRESS” lanyard, which the Office of the Attorney General has asked us to provide.

There are many other benefits to membership, but let’s get on with the NJ Press ID Card application.

Should I Apply?

It’s easier to quickly identify who should not apply:

  • Cards are intended for newsgatherers, including reporters, photographers and videographers. If you are an opinion writer or someone who curates a news aggregation site, then you should not apply.  (People who are newsgatherers may apply regardless of their current employment status.  See details in following sections.)
  • The size of your audience does not matter, but you must be seeking to inform the general public. If you represent a private industry newsletter or a family group, then you should not apply. (Generally speaking, your work should be promoted to people who are not paying members of an organization.  If you work on the newsletter for one particular church, for example, then you probably would not qualify, while if you work for a religious newspaper or magazine that is widely available, you should apply.)
  • You may apply if your publication or videos support a broad cause, such as the environment, civil rights, healthcare or housing. If your group runs candidates for office, however, then your publication would be disqualified as a political organization.  Hate speech is an automatic disqualification.  NJ-SPJ will make these determinations in its sole discretion.

Step One: Determine which category applies to you

⃞    I am applying in the Media category.  I am supplying three examples of recent work, for which I needed an NJ Press ID Card, primarily identifying myself to law enforcement.  (You may skip to Step Three.)

⃞   I am applying as a Professional Journalist.  I understand that this does not depend upon my current employment status, the medium in which I report or the number of people in my audience. I will, however, provide information showing that I understand and uphold professional standards.

Step Two: Those applying as a Professional Journalist must supply a letter supporting their status.

Your letter should address certain criteria, detailed below. You must supply documentation supporting your statements, either in the form of weblinks or uploaded documents. NJ-SPJ may ask you for further documentation or may reject your application, at its sole discretion.

We understand that not every person fits every criterion.  We are listing multiple criteria in order to include more qualified people, not to keep you out.

Pertinent Questions:

  • Do you have experience in journalism? Please tell us about your experience and provide some amount of documentation.  (Retirees are welcome to apply. Students must demonstrate professional experience or more than one year on a campus publication or radio station and should also include a letter from their advisor.)
  • Do you have some examples of your work, even if not done recently? Please supply them.
  • Do you cover—or intend to cover—local government, law enforcement, mass protests or spots news, such as fires?
  • Do you have any formal training, such as a university degree or a transcript showing study in the fields of journalism, media or communication?
  • Do you feel you have at least a basic understanding of such concepts the public’s right to know vs. the right to privacy; defamation law; prior restraint and the OPRA and FOIA laws (both in NJ and on the federal level), to name a few? If you do not have formal training or experience, then please discuss these topics in two or three paragraphs, just covering the basics.
    (If you feel you need to know more in these areas, we highly recommend the Associated Press Stylebook (also available on Amazon), Media Ethics from SPJ, and the SPJ Code of Ethics, which is available free.  You can also contact NJ-SPJ for specific recommendations.)
  • Do you have examples of professional recognition, such as awards?
  • Are you a member of journalistic organizations? How long have you been a member?  Please provide examples and documentation.
  • If your background is not in journalism, can you provide examples of expertise or recognition in the field you cover? For example, if you report on the environment, please provide information on your specific background and training.

Once again, we realize that not every question will apply to every person. You need not provide a lengthy letter if you feel you have presented an adequate understanding of your background and training, with appropriate documentation.

Please save your letter as a PDF and be sure to include active weblinks that support your claims. You can submit the PDF by uploading it in the field indicated on the product order form, or you can email the PDF document to Jane Primerano at njcard@njspj.org or print it and mail it to NJ-SPJ, PO Box 127, Hope, NJ 07844.


We need to collect your professional information.

When you choose the products below, the order form will open and ask you for your contact information and where applicable, supporting documents. The Press ID will be valid through calendar year 2021.

Membership Fee (You must chose one of the four membership categories below. Failure to select one of these four categories will delay receipt of your order.)

NJ-SPJ Membership and national SPJ Associate Membership for $30


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Now you pay for the Press ID Card (Click “Add to Cart” for each item you are ordering):

Press ID card $35 (includes 1-inch reflective press lanyard, as recommended by NJ Attorney General’s Working Group)

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If you are applying for cards for multiple individuals, please return to this page and choose this product again to open a new form. We need complete contact information for each card ordered.

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Visor Card $5.00 each

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When you have finished adding items to your shopping cart, click the blue button to go to the cart and check out.

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NJ-SPJ is part of the national Society of Professional Journalists, which regularly maintains and updates a Code of Ethics.

The SPJ Code of Ethics is a statement of abiding principles supported by additional explanations and position papers that address changing journalistic practices. It is not a set of rules, rather a guide that encourages all who engage in journalism to take responsibility for the information they provide, regardless of medium. The code should be read as a whole; individual principles should not be taken out of context. It is not, nor can it be under the First Amendment, legally enforceable.  

 NJ-SPJ requires that all who apply for the NJ-SPJ Press Identification Card read the SPJ Code of Ethics.  As stated, it is not a set of hard rules and we encourage news organizations that examine and develop their own ethical codes.

The NJ Press ID card is the property of NJ-SPJ.  NJ-SPJ reserves the right to withdraw the NJ Press ID Card from anyone who commits a  gross violation of the spirit of SPJ’s ethics.  The card may also be withdrawn for violations of law, such as trespassing, or for any other reason as determined at the sole discretion of the board of NJ-SPJ.  In such instances, individuals are required to return their card to NJ-SPJ.   NJ-SPJ will refund the individual’s card payment in full and, if requested, their membership fee.  NJ-SPJ will, however, keep the processing and shipping fee.  NJ-SPJ reserves the right to make changes to its terms of membership and the NJ Press ID program at any time and without prior notice.

NJ-SPJ is not liable for any incidental, consequential, direct or indirect (including but not limited to damages for loss of revenue, business interruption, expenses and the like) arising from the use, misuse and/or inability to use the NJ Press ID Card or any determinations regarding the issuance or revocation of the NJ Press ID Card.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless NJ-SPJ, its officers, employees, directors, agents and contractors from and against all claims, losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from any violation of this Agreement by you or any other person using/displaying the NJ Press Id card as well as any determinations regarding the issuance or revocation of the NJ Press ID Card.