What you need to know about this year’s contest

It’s contest season again!

Notice there are two options this year: one from New Jersey SPJ, the other from Keystone SPJ.  Here’s the lowdown:

  • The NJ SPJ contest opens on Tuesday, Jan. 2. Because of a sharp decrease in contest entries, our contest has been scaled down to include only our four signature awards: Courage Under Fire (for journalists who, despite strong opposition, defend the principles of a free press), the Barto (our “rookie of the year” award); the Awbrey (for local journalism that goes above and beyond); and the O’Brien (for investigative journalism that digs deep through effective use of public records). For an overview of the contest, go here. to submit work, go here.  Our contest closes March 1. Questions? Contact our contest coordinator Heather Taylor at heather.taylor.spj@gmail.com or call (609) 250-2582.
  • The SPJ Keystone Chapter 2018 Best in Journalism Contest is already open and is comprised of about 30 categories; entries can be submitted  until Feb. 26. As our members know, we had hoped to run a joint contest with Keystone but there were logistical issues, so we are elated that our friends in Pennsylvania expanded their contest to include submissions from New Jersey. The contest may be accessed through this link: https://betternewspapercontest.com/2018SpotlightAwards Any questions or concerns should be directed to Pat Trosky at pattrosky@gmail.com or spjkeystone@gmail.com.

To enter the Keystone SPJ journalism contest, you’ll need to set up a new open call login. NOTE:  Keystone uses Better Newspaper Contest (BNC) to manage its submissions (as we did up until this year), but if you entered a BNC contest in New Jersey or elsewhere, that login will not work in the Keystone contest. This is true for individuals and for companies.

You can create your login in one of two ways. Go to the Keystone SPJ website ( https://keystonespj.wordpress.com/) and click on the url at the bottom of the announcement OR go directly to the contest page using this url:  https://betternewspapercontest.com/2018SpotlightAwards

Once you’re on the Keystone BNC page, you’ll see the open call contestant login on the lower lefthand corner of the page. Click that.

Once on the Open Call Contestant page, look to the lower right corner and create an open call account. Fill in the info and submit. Pat Trosky, president of the Keystone chapter, will then get an email to approve you. When she does, you can then log in and set everything else up.


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