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Let’s talk about inner city schools

How to make a difference in the fate of urban areas like Newark? “The Rule,” the latest documentary by Newark filmmakers Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno takes a close look at the story behind the success of the Benedictine monks at Newark Abbey and their all boy’s high school school, St. Benedict’s Prep in order to  make the case that the St. Benedict’s model  should be replicated in urban areas around the country.  Sure to spark a conversation about urban education and what it takes to break the cycle of poverty, the film argues that much of St. Benedict’s success lies in its ability to go the extra mile by offering on-site counseling and things such as a residence program for students who lack a stable home environment.

The Bongiornos are hosting a sneak preview of ”The Rule” at 6 p.m. May 29 in the St. Benedict’s Prep Conlin Auditorim, 520 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Newark. The event is free, but reservations are required. A discussion with the filmmakers and various scholars who were consulted in the making of the film will follow.

No strangers to provocative urban issues, the Bongiornos –a husband and wife team — are the creators of the 2007 award-winning documentary, “Revolution ’67,’’  which detailed the causes and aftermath of the Newark riots of 1967.…

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Journalism and Jersey at the Montclair Film Festival

The second annual Montclair Film Festival gets underway Monday, April 29 featuring more than 80 films and special events throughout the city. Almost doubling the number of entries, this year’s festival presents an eclectic mix of cinematic styles and genres in addition to new categories including “Music on Film” and “Culinary Cinema.”

Here are a few notable picks with an emphasis on Journalism and New Jersey to cap off the week:

  • Docs-in-Progress,” a trilogy of documentaries yet to be released by acclaimed New Jersey filmmakers Dawn Porter (Spies in Mississippi); Julie Winokur (Bring It to the Table); and NJSPJ members Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno (The Rule).  Moderated by Nancy Abraham of HBO Documentary Films, the panel is at the Montclair Public Library on Saturday, May 4, 4:00 p.m.. (Free)
  • Jared Flesher, chairman of NJSPJ Documentary Committee will present his film titled Sourlands. The documentary addresses the hardships faced by farmers in the Sourland Forest of central New Jersey.  The screening is at the Belleview Theater 2 on Saturday, May 4, 4:30 p.m. ($12.50)
  • New York Times’s Op-Docs,” features a special presentation of recent short opinion documentaries with Series Producer Jason Spingarn-Koff and Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal.  The event is at the Bellevue Theater 1 Saturday, May 4, 4:45 p.m. ($12.50)
  • Photo-Journal-Isms, is a short film (“New Jersey Shorts” category) about veteran photographer Ed Kashi whose assignments have placed him in remote and often dangerous parts. Kashi depicts an ever-shifting sense of “home” via lush images and intimate journal entries dedicated to his wife (documentary filmmaker Julie Winokur). The screening is at the Clairidge Cinema 1 on Saturday, May 4, 9:15 p.m. ($12.50)
  • In Conversation,” pairs New York Times columnist and author David Carr (Night of the Gun) and Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, and The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer). They’ll discuss investigative reporting and the guts to getting the story.  Both are residents of New Jersey.  The event is at the Montclair Art Museum on Sunday, May 5, 2:00 p.m. ($12.50)

The Montclair Film Festival runs Monday, April 29 through Sunday, May 5.  For a complete list of events and to purchase tickets, go to…

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Best of college journalism

One of the highlights our SPJ regional conference last weekend was the announcement of the Mark of Excellence Awards, which recognizes the best of college journalism in the northeast (Region 1). In case you missed it, here is the list of winners. First place regional winners advance to national competition; national winners will be recognized at the national conference in Southern California (Aug. 24-26). For more information about the other regional winners, click here.…

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Hungry for a project?

We are huge fans of the Montclair News Commons, so it is without a moment’s hesitation that we re-post this news about plans to bring reporters together from different news outlets to collaborate:


Let’s Create Something Bigger Here (via NJ News Commons)

Some extraordinary happened last week in the world of journalism. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released the results of a 15-month reporting project, Secrecy for Sale. The exposé took the lid off the secret world of offshore tax havens, and named names — showing how…

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